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Inspirations - Kabbalah by thiscatharticnail Inspirations - Kabbalah by thiscatharticnail
My largest inspiration when it comes to art is my spirituality.
While I have many beliefs when it comes to this, all drawn from different sources, the one that stands out the most is Kabbalah.

I am not a Kabbalist proper, but I have adopted many of it's philosophies and opinions on God. I came across it while i was going through rough times, and applied everything i read about it to the way i view myself through my art. It has given me a reverence for art that some may even construe to be worship.

I pray through my art, and i guide my thoughts through it.

This image is not my newest, but is the best example i have ever created that reflects my thoughts on my spirituality. It is a representation of the Tree of Life, which is one of the most important symbols in Kabbalah. In very braod layman's terms, it is a universal "How to" for creation. It is made of three columns, the outer ones representing female (formative) and male (creative) energies, and the middle column represents balance.

I know the contest meant to show a world, but i can think of no better "world" for my spirituality than my church, which is my art. I patterned the style after Da Vinci's sketchbooks. I feel the world of spiritual art is best represented by a sketchbook, so i made this to the best of my ability like a page in a sketchbook, though with more depth and refinement. Spirituality should evolve, and in my opinion never be a definite thing. To label yourself as "I am this" is to set limitations on yourself. Sketches can be works of art on their own, but always portray greater potential, which is how i feel spirituality should be.

The symbolism is too lengthy to describe here, but this image represents above all else my faith and hope in my spirituality, that i might transcend my ego and rise to a higher level of being, whether that's heaven or just contentment with all i have around me.

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synapse111 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
brilliant work! :)
Lolitagirlie-stock Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007   Photographer
beautiful work, i would be honored if you used my stock sometime !
shadowofsun Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2006
This is beautiful
kleineprinzessin Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2005

just wow...your color sense is awesome!
Kalimero2 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004  Professional Photographer
it's a great Art piece !!!
IceCrystal Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2004  Student Photographer
this is awesome - a magnificent composition ^^
BlackMonk Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2004   Photographer
congrads, you've outdone me, and in it, outdone yourself... I lusor to you ^__^
psychol-bob Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2004
wow. Looks ancient and great!
arwenamazon Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2004
I :+fav:'ed it, but apart from that I don't really have too many intelligible comments for it, because I am speechless and I would rather not let words cheapen the respect I have for your art, as well as your philosophy. I think it's awesome how you embrace your faith, instead of hauling it around like a burden (like most pseudo-fundie pigs). It shines through most gloriously in your art, even touching a non believer like me.
candyillusion Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2004
wow this is amazing...the textures give it a rustic look and also the colour scheme brings the whole piece together nicely!!! the two figures on wither side incorporate the length of the piece while at the same time drawing attention to the main focal point of the piece....they also frame the scene and make it seem like the viewer has just stepped through a door into the piece!!! very well done!!! :)
worldhurricane Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
it's a gorgeous image, and an excellent composition - the reasons i :+fav: it

but it's very morbid in style - pretty dark. it appears less of a sketchbook page, more grungy; a bit like himynameiznate's stuff. that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but i think some (possibly many) kabbalists could be offended by it, not unlike the way some catholics (or christians in general) are offended by (or recoil from) imagery in The Prophecy. i understand some of the symbolism behind this (from the little i've learned from my jewish friends over the years), and in that regard i think it's deeply inspired and well executed in terms of the use of symbols, but the major weakness (conceptually) is that the style doesn't really fit with the ideas, from what i understand of them. if it were smoother... sharper, i think that would help it a great deal.

a note on kabbalah.
it's becoming a new fad that seems to distort or trivialize the meaning behind the beliefs and rituals, similar to the WWJD bracelets. i would discourage anyone from becoming associated with the mass marketing involved with it - the so-called kabbalah-lite. this clearly doesn't come close to that.
thiscatharticnail Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
hey thanks alot for the comment and the fav, man.

i know it looks grungy, and that even though i was inspired by da vinci's sketchbooks, i resolved to have the photographs still look photorealistic, but sketchy at the same time. it does give it a morbid look, but i still think it suffices.
i found my spirituality through suffering, and this is actually one in a series of images about that journey. as far as that series is concerned, thsi is teh bright one, because it's the only one that doesn't have a heavy use of black in it. even then, it was a statement about my beliefs, but born out of pain, which is why the heart is rather gross looking.

i don't think it would be offensive given the context it is supposed to be used in. it was hard trying to explain my reasons for this picture outside of the context, because i even extrapolated on Kabbalistic ideas in the creation of this. the original title is "the Crown of Tiphareth", which is a concept (as far as i have applied it) i have not found anywhere else, and was the result of my contemplation on the subject.

if you are interested, please visit [link] and [link] for an explanation of the concepts (lyrics and art respectively, though they are interconnected)

i am also grateful my application of my kabbalistic knowledge comes across as honest, as opposed to the rising fad in hollywood. i had started studying this a few years ago, and as soon as Madonna made it popular, i was worried that my work woudl be seen as following that bandwagon by association.

i checked out himynameisnate's stuff and was very impressed, thanks for that.

thanks again,
worldhurricane Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
i would put something about your faith borne from pain in the description. it helps explain the style decision and makes it a stronger piece.

as long as you have informed discussions with people, i don't think you risk any danger of being associated with the red string crew in hollywood and elsewhere. you seem sincere, which i'm glad to see.

yeah, nate's a cool dude. very talented. he and i have had plently of lively discussions about religion/faith and even a little politics. i'm not sure how involved with da he is anymore, but a few years ago (back when i was really involved) he was one of the nicest people on here.
Ameas-Qua Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
hm inspiations contest?:\


i think you should win, bhut then again. im biased. 93's
thiscatharticnail Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
well let's hope everyone else agrees, eh?


thanks, as always, man.
geniuzastare Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
This is very special.
By what I feel, it brings forward the ancient incoming force you carry within you.
For your art, thank you.
It was good for me seeing it in this moment.
AkaAlias Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004  Student General Artist
Nice entry!
thiscatharticnail Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
thank you :)
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